The importance of having a bath lift in a nursing environment cannot be understated, in the way they can help prevent work injuries and strain on caretakers and nurses. It also helps make the handling of patients a safer process through mechanical lifting. bath lifts do also help with making the transportation of patients easier and, as the name implies, assists in patient hygiene. 

What otherwise would be a menial task for most caretakers becomes a breeze instead as they don't have to lift the patient by themselves through their own body strength. Instead they can let the bath lift do the heavy lifting and reduce risks of injuries for patient and caretaker alike. It's a cost-effective way of reducing risks of caretakers being forced to take some time off due to injuries and stress.

Easy to use

Bath lifts are rather easy to use since their function are, technically at least, simple as well. No need to worry much about not understanding how it works so to speak. Still, it's important to pick ones that's of good quality and TR Equipment can deliver on that part. With their focus on low cost of ownership through quality and durability you get something that's well worth the money spent on them that allows safe height adjustment and have safe mechanisms that helps prevent accidents. 

They do also have more than just bath lifts in their inventory, among them being shower trolleys, stainless steel bathtubs and shower chairs. All designed for safe handling of patients and elderly while keeping a low cost of ownership.​